Why Women Prefer Wearing Tops in Summer?

Why do women prefer wearing tops rather than dresses in the summer heat? What is it about that extra layer of fabric they like so much? It’s not a cheap trendy women’s clothing fashion or because they’re braver than men. You all have heard “women and cold” jokes, but what’s behind this preference for t-shirts all year round?

It turns out it has nothing to do with being fashionable and everything to do with body temperature. Women feel neither uncomfortable nor safe when exposed to more than a few seconds of direct sunlight.

  1. Defensive Mechanisms

When a woman is exposed to the sun, her body temperature slowly rises. In an attempt to stay warm, she doesn’t need as much energy as a man simultaneously; she starts sweating and loses heat. When she starts sweating, her body cannot regulate its temperature correctly, and it can even lead to heatstroke. The heat also makes her body’s sweat glands produce more sweat. This extra moisture in the air evaporates slower, causing lower temperatures and making it warm in the air, which is dangerous for both women and men.

  1. Wear a Top to Stay Safe

Men feel a little discomfort from the sun, but they can get used to very light clothing such as shorts and t-shirts to deal with it. Even if they’re not used to sun exposure, you won’t see them wear long sleeves or long pants either. It means that if men decide it’s too hot for them and put on a hat, shoes, and long pants, they’ll be more than happy to walk to the nearest tree or some shade, sit down with a cool drink and spend their time there.

  1. Body Temperature Is Not The Same

Women’s bodies heat up more slowly, so it takes longer for the heat to build up inside of them. Therefore, after extended exposure to sunlight, they need to seek shade and rest. If they sit in direct sunlight, they might experience burning pain in the skin, which is not something a woman wants to experience.

  1. Wear a Hat to Protect Your Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you need to protect it from the sun as much as you can. There are many things you can do by considering summer tops for women. You can wrap your hair in a scarf, wear a hat, and get 2-3 layers of clothing, but if you’re wearing something that exposes your skin to the sun and gets overheated, you should be more careful.

  1. Shirts Are More Comfortable

Women prefer light clothes more because they feel more comfortable than heavy ones such as pants and jeans when it comes to clothing. It doesn’t mean that they feel hot in jeans or anything like it. On the contrary, they feel more comfortable and control their body temperatures when wearing lighter clothes rather than heavy ones.

There are many reasons why women prefer wearing t-shirts in the summer, but there’s no particular reason behind it. The main thing is that they feel more comfortable when they cover their skin with t-shirts rather than wearing dresses which expose them to bright sunlight.