What to Look for in a Body Piercing Professional

The explosion of tattoo and piercing shops in the last ten year is hard to deny. It seems that in big cities and small towns alike there are businesses offering a range of body modification services. If you are planning on investing in a new piece of body art, there are now a wide range of places to choose from. It is, of course, essential to shop around and take the time to find a piercing professional that you trust and who has a solid reputation.

A professional body-piercing professional will not only perform the piercing procedure correctly and hygienically but will take the time to explain the correct care procedures for the piercing you have chosen.

Suitably qualified piercing professionals can advise you on what type of piercing you want. Whether you want a nose ring, earring, lip ring, or maybe something a little more private, seek advice from a qualified and experienced piercing professional.

Search around for a piercer who is experienced, trained and professional. Find out how long they have been in business, how many clients they have had, and read some of their online reviews.

Visit your piercer before you get your piercing. Check out how clean the shop is and whether the piercer is using sterile equipment, brand new clean jewellery, and for tattoos, disposable needles each time they do a new piece.

How to Spot a Safe and Sanitary Piercing Shop

Body piercing is regulated in most countries, although laws can differ from state to state. The vast majority of piercing shops strive to provide a clean and hygienic environment for the procedure to take place in.

When looking for how sterile a piercing shop is, consider these crucial factors:

  • The shop should be immaculately clean
  • The shop should keep their instruments in sealed packets
  • The person doing the piercing washed their hands with antibacterial soap before the procedure commenced.
  • The needle is disposed of afterwards in a sealed container.
  • The shop has guidelines for the safe disposal of waste such as gauzes with blood or other bodily fluids on.

If you are not happy that the shop meets your requirements, or is unable to answer your questions satisfactorily, leave and continue shopping around. There are plenty of reputable piercing studios that take pride in their work.