What Is a Heavy-Duty Stairlift?

Stairlifts, like elevators, have a maximum weight. This weight is determined by the machine’s ability to withstand and operate safely. Standard stairlifts will hold up to a maximum weight of 19 to 20 stone. If you or your loved one exceeds this weight, a heavy-duty stairlift will be required. There are bariatric stairlift options that have a maximum weight of 30 stone. Heavy-duty stairlifts will provide support to a maximum 40 stone weight capacity.

Weight Capacity

The purpose of a stairlift is to help you or your loved one access different floors in your home. They provide comfort and support to safely move you from one floor to another floor. The model that will best suit your home is dependent on the style of your staircase, the size of your staircase, and the needed weight capacity. Bariatric and heavy-duty stairlifts in Sutton Coldfield provide extra stability for those exceeding 20 stone.

A Special Design

Bariatric and heavy-duty stairlifts are designed for more weight. They have wider armrests so you or your loved one is more comfortable and can easily operate the switch. Heavy-duty stairlifts can also be fitted with a footrest so you or your family will not have to raise your feet as you glide up and down the stairs. The reinforced design has a larger weight limit to prevent it from breaking down. If your stairlift starts to make odd noises or you have any areas of concern, companies offer on-call services to help quickly mitigate any problems.