What Factors to Consider When Buying A Refrigerator?

If you are thinking of buying a refrigerator, then you will need to consider several factors. From configuration and styles to sizes and features, extensive research will help you form the right decision. Here, we have discussed some easy tips to select a functional refrigerator within your budget.

Look for the Energy Star rating

Energy Star is a very important feature that you need to consider to save energy, and power consumption. It also assists in safeguarding the climate. Due to the latest enhancements in compressors, and insulation, present day’s refrigerators use considerably lesser amount of energy as compared to previous models.

Choose the refrigerator that comes with a 5 Star Energy Rating. By consuming less power, it will reduce your utility bills too.

Go for a Top-Mounted Freezer style

Refrigerators come in various styles such as top freezer, side-by-side and bottom freezer. A top-freezer style of refrigerator is found to be the most energy-efficient than the other two configurations. You will get models in this design that consumes lesser amount energy than a sixty-watt light bulb.  Not just they save you on utility bills but also are affordably priced.

Buy the right-sized Refrigerator

The larger the size of the refrigerator, the greater will be the energy consumption. Most of the energy-efficient models have the size of sixteen to twenty cu.ft. When you replace your old refrigerator with a brand new one, make sure that the new refrigerator is an energy-efficient model and should be of the size that matches your needs.

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Look for essential features

Make a list of all those important features that you would expect in a new refrigerator. A few of these features are an icemaker, through-the-door ice, hot water, etc. This type of pre-planning will help you pay for only those features that you need and save you from investing in unnecessary features.

Recycle old Refrigerator model

Recycling the old refrigerators model prevents global warming. It prevents energy-wastage and the release of destructive elements from the environment. This will also prevent emissions of greenhouse gas into the environment.


Once purchased, a refrigerator stays for a long time. So, you must perform extensive research before buying it. These are some of the most important features that you must look for in your new refrigerator model.