Use this Guide When Buying a Second-Hand Piano

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to buy a second-hand piano. It might be to benefit from the cost, let the product find a new life, or get a better quality piano at a lower price. Just like other investments, you must know what you are getting and do your homework to avoid wasting your hard-earned money on an instrument that might not be up to the job. When buying a piano such as one from steinway and sons, ensure you know what you want. Are you getting the first piano to learn on? Have you been dreaming to own a legendary piano brand? A second-hand piano can be a great investment in both circumstances. Below are some tips you must consider to find the best used piano:

Consider How the Piano Looks

How the piano looks will provide you with an insight to how well it has been maintained and treated b its previous owner. If you see cracks on the wood, this could mean the instrument has been stored in an appropriate location. Discolored keys indicate a lack of care and maintenance as well as reflect the instrument’s age.

Pay Attention to the Sound

Before you buy a piano, play it to get a feel for whether it is the best for you. Playing a used piano can disclose any possible issues. Make sure to look out for buzzing since this can mean an issue in the sound board’s structure. Missed notes or notes that play on could indicate an issue with the function of the instrument.

Observe the Tuning

A piano that has been used regularly it must also be tuned regularly. Without regular tuning, the piano will produce inferior sounds. Tuning must be done at least twice every year to correct any sound issues.

Think about the Age

If you are looking for a particular model, age might not be a problem. However, piano parts wear out. That is why you must be mindful of the age of the piano you want to buy, especially if it looks poorly maintained. Although you can choose to recondition the piano, it will cost you a lot of money.

Buying a second-hand piano can present good savings. However, you must ensure what you are getting. A lot of music stores that offer used pianos recondition and tune their pianos if necessary. Also, they provide their products with a warranty.