Understanding Waterbed Mattresses

It was not a long time ago when the craze for waterbed mattresses hit the market. There was an explosion in the popularity of waterbeds heaters in the mainstream market. The majority of American households own one. The reason behind the tremendous popularity is the comfort and other health benefits. today, it is available in a wide array of designs, and sizes, and buyers can also customize it.

Components of waterbed mattresses

Synonymous to the name, it is believed that waterbed mattresses contain water. But it is not all and modern high-quality waterbeds contain more than just water. It is the exterior of the mattress that is made of vinyl, and filled with water. Today tubes and bladders are used instead of filling the entire mattress with water. The use of bladders and tubes not only makes the filling procedure easier but also eliminates potential leaks. The components of modern waterbeds include:

  • A comfortable layer of foam
  • An internal support structure so that there is no need for an additional bed frame
  • Heating device to warm the liquid or water filled in the mattress

Types of waterbeds

One will come across two primary types of waterbeds:

  1.     Softside waterbed
  2.     Hardside waterbed

The softside waterbed mattresses make use of foam bolsters on every side of the mattress so that the rectangular shape remains intact. Additionally, one can also find that the foam padding features a fabric casing. On the other hand, the hardside waterbeds heaters depend on wood unlike foams to maintain and retain their shape. Softwood or hardwood is utilized to create a frame around the mattress.  This eliminates the requirement for an extra base or specific-sized sheets. The highlighting feature of a hardside waterbed is that they are featured with in-built headboards, footboards, and some storage areas as well.

Does the user need to change the water in the waterbed?

In general, there is no need to change the water or liquid in the waterbed mattress. But when there is a plan to move or relocate the mattress, one needs to drain out the liquid and then refill it once it is set up in the new destination. There is a reason behind it. The water inside the waterbed mattress can up to 900 kilograms and even more. Moving it down the stairs by the most efficient moving team will fail to do so.

The important thing to note is that a waterbed conditioner must be used on the mattress at least once a year. When vinyl is exposed to water or liquid, it starts to become brittle and can become the potential reason for leaks from waterbed mattresses. Furthermore, the waterbed conditioner can also eliminate water stagnation and prevent the generating of bad odor.


Waterbeds have been in the market for years and were mainly used for sick and bed-ridden people. Today, people have realized the significance of waterbeds heaters, and are used as a pain-relief and better sleep cycle mechanism. They are available in a plethora of sizes, and price rates. Depending on one’s budget, sleeping style, and preferences, one should pick a model.