The advantages of a dog harness over a collar

When you take a dog there are an awful lot of things you have to buy. For example, you must, of course, have a collar and a leash to let your dog out. However, many people nowadays choose a dog harness instead of a collar. In this article, we’ll explain to you what this is and what its advantages are over a collar.

What is a dog harness?

A dog harness is a harness that is made around the body of the hand. To this, the leash can then be attached again. Basically, this has the same effect as a collar, only a dog harness has many advantages. If you want a overview of the advantages, then it’s good to look on the internet for a full list so you know for sure you will make the right choice.

The advantages

First, with a dog harness you have more control over your dog. This is especially important if you are near busy roads or are surrounded by many people/other dogs. Also, a dog harness discourages pulling on the leash, because your dog will realize soon enough that pulling is of no use whatsoever. When a dog wears a collar and pulls, it will move forward, rewarding its action. When a dog wears a harness and pulls, at best he will pull his legs in the air. Not the desired outcome, so he will stop pulling soon enough. Another benefit is that it helps you prevent your dog from jumping up against people. This is because you can easily pull a dog towards you with a harness, without the risk of hurting his neck. Another big advantage is that your dog cannot easily pull himself loose. A collar can come off or become loose, while a harness encompasses the entire body.

For all ages

A dog harness has benefits for both puppies and older dogs. After all, puppies can easily hurt themselves or get tangled up when they pull on the leash with a regular collar. It also gives you control over puppies who are easily distracted. This is especially essential when you find yourself in an environment where your dog can hurt himself if distracted. But a dog harness is also a good solution for older dogs. In fact, a dog harness allows you to support your dog if he has difficulty, for example, climbing stairs or getting up after a break. With a harness you lift your dog carefree.