Know More AboutCustom Leather Holsters

Whether you stand nervous about encountering the ideal fit to maintain your firearms with maximum security and resourcefully as conceivable—then glimpse no more! Custom leather holsters are the finest response to all your weapon issues. Custom leather holsters are a distinctive and modified method of maintaining your guns.

We perceive amazing performers holding onto their custom raw hide holsters entirely the period in movies. We rhapsodize for the performers and occasionally marvel for the source of the leather holsters.

Below are some examples of custom raw hide holsters:

  • Laredoan Rig crossdraw: It rig features the exact belt featured as the 1914 Laredoan with an incredibly valuable obtainment of a matching cross-draw holster. The cross-draw holsters are custom leather holsters such that they can be readily pulled or connected to the strap. This special holster has a high-ride design. The prevailing thirty degrees cant make for a velvety and effortless draw. This Crossdraw holster permits you to draw either of your two pistols with your predominant arm. You can very efficiently pull the second gun as you pack the first. This cross-draw holster has top-class quality leather. It has been particularly hand-molded for the ideal fit. It also includes latigo hammer tie-downs. This comprehensively streaked holster comes with silver-plated initial of the proprietor or a matching silver-plated concho.
  • The Marshall Cross-draw: This is a beautiful holster developed for the discriminatory shooter who not only enjoys the holster to the operation but also wants to look pleasing. This cross-draw custom leather holster has a little curbed near the trigger that permits the user for a short draw and is decorated with a very fancy concho.
  • Cross-draw rig: The model 3900 has a waistband that has been carved from a 9 oz. leather. It is created up of completely suede leather. It features an ornamental diamond seamed design and has twelve hand-modeled bullet loops positioned around the show for effortless access. The waistband is tapered at its ends and is completed with a nickel-plated square buckle.
  • The K400 for Glock17:The model K400 custom leather holster is an extraordinarily relaxing and protected way to maintain your latest Glock 17. This has been tailored using premium American Leather. This custom leather holster has been hand-molded for an immaculate fit to keep your gun securely in position while supplying access whenever you require it. The Glock 17 shoulder holster’s thumb break design permits you to safely unsnap your gun from retention while preserving a favorable shooting hold on the gun so that you can quickly transition from pulling to shooting the gun. If you sport a shoulder holster every day and are exploring for something intensely relaxing, then this model is the most acceptable choice. The characteristics of the K400 for Glock17 are:
  1. Stable saddle custom leather holster construction
  2. The delicate and rigid leather shoulder waistbands which have been cut on a shape
  3. It has been hemmed with heavy-duty seven cord bonded yarn
  4. The custom leather holster has been hand molded to the Glock 17 for a flawless fit
  5. Hand molded sight track has been developed to deter drag
  6. The thumb-break configuration for immediate admission and maximum hold when removing
  7. Flexible size custom leather holster harness from small size to extra-large size