How to Choose the Best Phone Case

In today’s time, mobile phones have become one of the most important gadgets; as you cannot even imagine a day without your phone. So, your most valuable asset requires utmost protection as well. You often shell out a great amount of money on smartphones, but when it comes to buying their accessories and especially cases, you become a little overwhelmed. A few might even think that cases make your phone bulkier, but you cannot deny the fact that without phone cases your most loved device is more prone to bumps, dents, cracks, and even shattered screens.

Here is a guide to help you find the best and durable phone cases:

  • Material

When you need to choose an affordable Samsung S 10 phone case, it is very important to choose the right material. Phones cases are available in a variety of materials like rubber, silicon, plastic and leather. Silicon or rubber are soft and flexible materials, they offer a moderate protection, grip and are also cheaper.

But if you are looking for a custom handmade phone case, leather phone cases by Chade in Australia, is one of the best option. They are not only durable and stylish but are also made using finest leather and superb craftsmanship.

  • Form factors

Another most important factor to consider is choosing the type of case you want – the form factor. Here are a few common options available:

  • Bumper: This kind of minimalist case mostly leaves the phones’ back exposed, but it includes shock-absorbing materials, around the corners for preventing any damage. Sometimes, the bumpers can have transparent or thin backs, only to further complicate things. Though bumper cases could be light but provide limited protection.


  • Standard: Such case helps in protecting the back and sides of your mobile phone, but leaving the screen completely accessible. In few models, a raised lip can surround the screen for protecting it from any direct hit. This is one of the most popular options due to its accessibility, light weight and good protection features. 
  • Folio: This folio case act like a book, and covers sides and back of your phone. One part covers the sides and the back of your mobile phone and the other covers the screen. Such cases are bulkier and do not allow rapid access to your phone’s screen, but make up as they provide excellent screen protection and also room for other features like stands or card slots. 
  • Tough: This type of case puts more emphasis on protection instead of style, and is made from multiple layers of various materials for maximum protection. Protecting your device from knocks, drops, and even scratches. Some tough options even include specialized defenses against dust ingress or water.

If you are looking for affordable Samsung S 10 phone case, choose Chade Cases, as they offer a wide range of quality custom leather phone cases which are specially made for all leading Samsung phone models. Their leather phone cases are blind-embossed with their logo, and can be customized in eye-catching colors and styles as well.