Frankincense is Much More Than Just Fragrance.

Frankincense can Help You with Your Wellness Goals.

You may think that frankincense is just a woody, spicy fragrance used in religious ceremonies. However, there are studies showing its potential health benefits. It is used as an alternative healing method for various health problems such as asthma, arthritis, digestion problems, skin issues, and a lot more. Researchers have found certain compounds in frankincense resin that can help you with chronic inflammation.

There are reports that people have used frankincense to ease symptoms of arthritis for centuries. As most diseases are a result of chronic inflammation in the body, superior quality frankincense has anti-inflammatory compounds to reduce inflammation. Hence, you can use it as a valuable and effective addon to your ongoing arthritis treatment. Moreover, its antibacterial property can keep your gums healthy, resulting in stronger teeth and better oral health.

Frankincense users claim that it can ease digestive issues, promoting better gut health. It is also used in dermatology and treating helping asthma symptoms. The early generations used frankincense for treating ulcers, fevers, tumors, and more.

The benefits of frankincense are not just limited to medical practice, but also meditation practice. Supposedly, frankincense resin has purification powers and is believed to help center the mind, body, and soul. These properties of frankincense are useful for people facing psychological issues as it supports both the mind and body. Even if you are not going through any health problems, burning good quality frankincense is a pleasant and relaxing experience and can also energize you.

Experience the Best from Frankincense Pure.

Frankincense is derived from the Boswellia tree and all of them are not created equal. For its maximum benefits, you must invest in pure and potent frankincense from Frankincense Pure, an Australia Based online supplier. Their line of products includes frankincense resin, essential oils, Myrrh, kits, incense burners, and more.

It is fairly easy to burn frankincense resin with their incense burners. You have to keep the resin on a charcoal disc and a charcoal incense burner to release the natural oil and matchless fragrance of the resin. Sometimes people burn both frankincense and myrrh together to get a unique aroma in order to provoke their senses. You can burn frankincense both indoors and outdoors, however, if burning indoors, make sure to burn it in a room that is well-ventilated. If you want more information on how to use charcoal incense burner, you can watch a short video on their website.

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