Everything You Need To Know About Rolex Submariner

Rolex is without question the most well-known name in the world of high-end timepieces, and the name alone conjures up images of opulence, perfection, and high status. When asked to name a high-end watch brand, several people would automatically think of Rolex.

Rolex has been around for around a century, and throughout that time it has been synonymous with the pinnacle of luxury timepieces. Rolex has also developed a number of classic models throughout the years, each of which has come to represent the quintessential timepiece for its designated profession.

The Submariner from Rolex is unquestionably one of them.

  1. Preface towards the Rolex Submariner

Those with no watch knowledge at all are usually able to identify a Rolex Submariner just by looking at it.Although the Submariner’s design has changed throughout the course of its more than half a century in production, its signature features are instantly recognisable from the first Rolex Submariner.

Today’s Submariners are easily recognisable by their “cathedral” or “Mercedes” hands, named for the rounded component located towards the tip of the hand. The earliest Submariner versions, on the other hand, had regular pencil hands rather than this style of hand.

Though “Submariner” now appears prominently on the face of the contemporary watch, this wasn’t always the case. Aside from its toughness and water resistance to extreme depths, the contemporary Submariner is instantly recognisable because to its bidirectional Cerachrom bezel that enables you to measure immersion time.

Although this certainly hasn’t always been the case from the very beginning of Submariner manufacture, the current Rolex Submariner is driven by the dependable and elevated in-house Rolex calibre 3130.

  1. Improvements made to the Rolex Submariner throughout recent decades

The Rolex Submariner had undoubtedly benefited from the many updates, modifications, and enhancements it has undergone over the years.

Submariners were originally only available in steel, but Rolex began producing yellow gold and 2 different versions in the 1970s. In addition to its traditional black dial, Rolex has recently released a number of other colour options.

Rolex has just begun employing 904L steel, which they produce in-house at their foundry. This shows the company’s dedication to quality, since “nothing is acceptable enough” in Rolex’s eyes. The 904L steel was ideal for a swimmer’s watch since it is both robust and resistant to corrosion.

Final Verdict

The ¬†Submariner is possibly the most talked about and sought after Rolex model, although this wasn’t always the case. The Rolex Submariner didn’t become well known until it appeared in multiple Film Series in the mid-1950s, on Bond’s personal wrist. A lot of underwater sequences used the Submariner, demonstrating its durability for the finest of espionage and his missions while also demonstrating its elegance when worn with a suit and tie.