Choose Refrigerator Color and Finish Wisely – White Vs. Black Vs. Stainless Steel

Home appliances are costly but still regarded as long-term investment. Therefore, when you plan to buy a new refrigerator then there is a need to consider the color, finishes and décor trends. In addition, you will need to bear in mind your near future plans like selling or leasing the house.

In case, you wish to replace the refrigerator to just improve resale potential then choosing appropriate features along with aesthetics is crucial. Certain finishes like platinum or stainless steel can offer the kitchen high-end look, which is good selling feature.

If house will finally be rental property than skip colorful appliances. Potential renter’s taste is unknown, so go for Frigidaire blanc [Frigidaire white refrigerator], which is a great practical option. If you are replacing an appliance then choose finish or color, which complements the existing ones.

One thing to remember is that particular finishes and colors are available for short-time, so if you plan to change remaining appliance or decor [counters, flooring or backsplashes] in near future then choose refrigerator color that never goes out of date. Most common appliance choices include white, black and stainless steel.

Classic white appliances

A safe kitchen appliance choice is white. It is unsurprisingly the biggest seller due to neutral color finish. However, choose wisely because low budget option can easily reduce the kitchen’s aesthetic value.


  • Works practically with any color and décor
  • Finger prints or marks are not easily visible
  • Easy to clean, low maintenance
  • Fridge can tolerate abuse from renters
  • Evokes optimistic emotional response
  • Reflects light making small kitchen appear spacious
  • Makes it look attractive to buyers


  • Obvious and boring
  • Cheap models can discolor overtime
  • Considered out-of-date

Black Appliances

Black refrigerators appeal youngsters because it offers a trendy urbanized and industrial look.


  • Modern, sleek and trendy
  • It is most versatile
  • Blends strongly with stainless steel and whites


  • High price tag
  • Makes room feel dull and dark
  • Black is hard to keep clean, needs more maintenance
  • Scratches are clearly visible in comparison to white or light colors

Stainless Steel appliances


  • Practically any kitchen looks better
  • Evergreen classic look, always remain in trend
  • Complement existing metal fixtures and hardware
  • Extensive range of designs and models are available


  • Expensive
  • Grease and fingerprints can be seen easily
  • Scratches and dents can be spotted with ease

All the three colors and finishes offer significantly different aesthetics to any kitchen. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. The end choice will be personal preference but remember decision-making process includes balance between aesthetics, practicality, and budget.