Nights out on the town are always great, but sometimes there is great joy in creating the feeling of a night out while relaxing at home with a group of friends. You can stay in and enjoy the company of your close friends without paying an extraordinary amount just to catch up. When planning your own party, you’re the master of the show.

One unique and entertaining party that’s sure to be an instant hit is a wine tasting party. With just a few amenities, you can organize a wine party that your friends will talk about for weeks later!

Glass with Class

Your stemware for a wine tasting session is extremely important. Different wine glasses are meant for different wines to better enhance the aroma and flavor. Wine glasses with a larger body are typically for red wine, and even these can vary in the difference of a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Pinot Noir. Glasses with a smaller body are reserved for white wines, to better preserve their cool qualities. Champagne glasses, of course, are typically used with champagne or other various bubbly types. Make sure to have a range to better suit the needs of any wines you may choose.

Variety and Theme

It is often said that variety is the spice of life, so why not bring this sentiment to your wine tasting? Think about how you will want to present the wines. There are different ways you can host the party. You can choose one specific wine from multiple areas, or one specific area with multiple different styles of wine. Another fun way to run a wine tasting is a “blind taste” where your guests sample wine with covered labels. Your wine tasters can guess styles, prices, and more! Of course, if you want to please everyone, you can always arrange a “BYO” party where everyone comes with a favorite wine! There are so many different ways to create a memorable experience for all.

Additional Wine Needs

You have your theme, and you’ve chosen your glasses. There are only a few more essential items you need to run this party without a hitch. You can make it a casual evening or a black-tie affair, but either way, be sure to include the following at your tasting:

  • 2 glassware per guest, to better compare wines
  • A “dump bucket” for guests’ excess wine
  • Small bites and palate cleansers
  • Water pitchers
  • Small paper and pencils

With minimal effort, you can create a wonderful night with friends and family that feels luxurious and extravagant. At the end of the night, be sure to pass around a small glass of champagne at the end. After all, an excellent party always deserves a toast!