4 Gift Ideas for Elderly Loved Ones 

Buying a gift for the elderly can be a bit of a hassle. The gift has to be thoughtful, yet not too expensive. It should be something that the elderly person can use and enjoy, but not something that they already have. And it shouldn’t be too difficult for them to use. With all of these factors in mind, here are four gift ideas for your elderly loved ones.

An E-Reader

There isn’t a lot to do as an elderly person, regardless of whether they live with family or in a memory care facility

Luckily, one great way for anyone to pass the time is by reading. An e-reader is a great gift idea for the elderly because they can easily carry it around with them and have thousands of books at their fingertips. 

When buying an E-reader, look for senior-friendly things like adjustable font sizes, which is perfect for those with vision problems. Similarly, look for larger buttons and an easy-to-use interface.

A Handheld Massager 

A handheld massager is another great gift idea for the elderly. With aging comes muscle aches and knots that are harder to get rid of. 

A handheld massager can help with that. This small, portable device can easily be used on its own to work out muscle knots. 

There are different types of massagers with different functions. Some have heat, some vibrate, and some knead. It’s all a matter of preference and needs. For instance, if your elderly loved one has arthritis, a heated massager would be a better choice than a vibrating one.

A Game Set

Games are a way to socialize and have fun, regardless of age. 

A game set is a great gift idea for the elderly because it not only provides hours of entertainment, it’s primarily a great way for them to socialize with other people, whether it’s family, friends, or fellow residents in their senior living facility. 

There are many different types of game sets to choose from. Some popular ones include card games, chess, bingo, checkers, and dominos. 

Try finding out from a family member or close friend which game set your elderly loved one prefers.

A Snack Subscription Box

A subscription box service is a service that sends a box of goodies to your doorsteps every month. 

There are many different types of subscription boxes, but a snack subscription box is a particularly great gift idea for the elderly.  A lot of times, the elderly have trouble going out and getting their own snacks. So why not bring their favorite snacks to them? 

Plus, you can opt for a service that specializes in healthy snacks, so you know you’re not compromising their health.

These are just four gift ideas for your elderly loved ones. The most important thing is to find something that they will enjoy and that will make their lives a little bit easier. With that in mind, happy shopping!